5 books I loved reading in 2020


The end of the year is a time to reflect and I try to reflect on the books I have read too. Every year I try to read 20 books. Yes, I have a book-reading target. I find that it helps me keep reading - I know I enjoy it, I know it helps me grow, but life can happen and keep me from reading. These are some of the books I loved reading in 2020.

What to reading during lock down? 5 tips by 5 different people

It seems to me that everyone is faced with challenges currently, and for most of us they look different than those we face during 'normal' times. Right now, we all have to learn and we have to learn different things. That's why I asked five different people, with different backgrounds, occupations and lifestyles to recommend a book each. Because what is useful for us to read right now is different for everyone!