Personal update: our February 2021


2021 has been wild so far. So wild. We always felt a bit skeptical at everyone saying how 2021 was going to be so much better than 2020, knowing what was coming at us. For those of you who don't know, in September last year, when Intan was 20 weeks pregnant, we heard how our baby has HLHS. We wrote about how we dealt with it back then. Now, after our daughter has spent her first month alive in the intensive care at LUMC, we wanted to write an update. This is more of a personal update, containing less reflection and lessons learned.

How speaking the same language contributes to unity

“One love, one heart; let’s get together and feel alright.” Famous lyrics by Bob Marley. I think unity is a desire that most people have – most of us prefer harmony over strife. I think most people understand the value of unity in a team setting, but I also think most people don’t experience unity … Continue reading How speaking the same language contributes to unity