Five things you (really) should be doing with your finances

It has always puzzled me that there is very little education on how to deal with money. We spend very little time teaching the next generation how to deal with their personal finances. So here are some tips, and they are not just for the next generation. I did not come up with these myself. They are not groundbreaking. They are not new. You can find them all over the web. But when you start applying them, you will really notice the difference. Click the link to read the full post.

How speaking the same language contributes to unity

“One love, one heart; let’s get together and feel alright.” Famous lyrics by Bob Marley. I think unity is a desire that most people have – most of us prefer harmony over strife. I think most people understand the value of unity in a team setting, but I also think most people don’t experience unity … Continue reading How speaking the same language contributes to unity